Student Recruitment

Find out about openings in the UbiWell Lab

We are recruiting students excited about working at the intersection of mobile/wearable sensing, human-centered computing, data science, and behavioral science, in enabling effective digital interventions for mental and behavioral health outcomes. You may find more information about the lab’s research interests in Varun’s research statement.

Prospective Ph.D. Students

[We are not recruiting Ph.D. students for Fall 2024.]

Undergraduate and Masters Students at Northeastern

We are also excited to work with undergraduate students who are interested in my research. We have projects that students in various fields could work on (CS, design, health, psychology, etc.). The key criteria here is not experience level, but creativity, dedication, and a passion for issues related to mHealth and personal health informatics.

Interested individuals may contact Varun with the following information: (1) your CV; (2) a copy of your transcripts; (3) a brief description of your background and research interests. The subject of the email should start with “[PROSPECTIVE-UG/MS]”. We can then find a time to meet to discuss potential projects.